NCRA Handicap Series

On Sunday it was the last round of the NCRA Spring Handicap Series for 2016. Once again as last week, the race was held in Old making it another local race.

On arriving at the HQ in Walgrave, I went in to sign on and find out which group I was in. After seeing I was in the scratch group it was time to get ready to make the ride over to the start for 10.

There were 5 of us in the scratch group and we were placed 20 seconds back from the next group in front of us. There was also another 2 groups to get to the front of the race. After starting we soon had the next group in sight and managed to close the gap enough to almost have an opportunity bridge over. However, anticipating that the group were not working we decided to press on through and off. This unfortunately, did not pay off as once we turned left at Mawsley we hit a head wind and the group in front made there numbers work and managed to soon pull out a big gap. Still working hard we pressed on. After the first lap we lost 2 riders and slowed the pace a little in the hope that once the front of the race was caught the groups would slow down enough for us to catch them. Although this happened it was not enough for us as they had to much of a gap for us to make it over to them and we finished a minute or so behind them.

Although we had the disappointment of not catching the front, it was still interesting and I could take a lot away from the race, including more confidence of working in a break with small numbers as we averaged just over 25mph with the 3 of us for most of the race.

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