MK Bowl

Last night I once again was in Milton Keynes for the crit series held at the National Bowl. Getting there at around 6:10, I found I had left plenty of time to sign on, get changed and get a warm up ride in. The weather forecast was also a bit better this week, and a bigger field was also present.

The race once again started at 7 and followed the conventional clockwise route around the bowl. However this week, they changed the route so that halfway through the race we went out and around the back of the bowl making it more difficult.

In the first half of the race I found myself attacking and trying to get into the early breaks. I was also keen on getting some efforts in. I managed to bridge over to 3 breaks which were sadly all brought back to the bunch. In between these attacks, 3 riders managed to get clear. Around halfway through, the gates were then opened for the park and the route was changed. I unfortunately found myself close to the back at this point, which was not easy and not the right place to be either. Having to close some wheels I found myself distanced off the group after about 40 minutes of racing. Despite this I am still happy as it provided a great training session, and was also one I enjoyed.

Good friends Jordan Peacock and Ollie Taylor were both racing once again with both taking a top 10.

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