First Thursday Evening At Milton Keynes

On Thursday I traveled down to Milton Keynes to ride the first of the weekly Thursday Evening Crits of 2016. The started at 7 o’clock leaving just enough time to get there from work arriving at around 6:15.

When there I seen both Louis Kilworth and Jordan Peacock, meaning I was not on my own for the night which is always nice. I was in the E/1/2 race which sets off a minute before the 3/4 category race which runs at the same time.

With it being the first night of the year the course was to be straight around the bowl. The race went clockwise round. There were many attacks but with the race being around 26 miles an hour getting away was always going to be difficult. At about half distance, 2 riders manged it and stayed away for the race, with the bunch sprinting for 3rd. Ed Clemens of Spirit Bikes Race Team won with Jacob Tipper winning the bunch kick. I was able to place in the 8th overall in what was a difficult sprint.

It was very pleasing to get into the top 10 on the first Thursday. The weather held off and stayed dry too which was a nice bonus with the forecast of rain during the evening at some stage.

Photos courtesy of Adrian Kilworth.


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