Coalville Road Race

On Sunday I traveled up to Griffydam in Leicestershire to ride the Coalville Wheelers Road Race for a second year running. It was also my first National Race of the season as well as the longest race I have done this year. The race was 9 laps of the Griffydam Circuit meaning it was just over 80 miles long including the neutralized section.

The pressure started early as it did not take long for an early break to get away. A group of 6 went clear and were able to establish a small lead on the main group. With around three laps to go 3 riders in the break manged to then get clear, splitting the break. Coming into the last 2 laps the bunch then started to become fragmented with riders managing to escape in small numbers. I was able to find myself at the front of the main group towards the finish and take 18th place on the line with riders coming across the line in ones and twos.

I am happy with my performance and will be looking to take it forward in the next races. Good friends Ollie Taylor and Jordan Peacock were also both riding. It was nice to be racing with them again.




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