Start of The Welland Valley Evening 10 Series

Earlier this week it was the start of the Evening 10 Series hosted by Welland Valley CC. The Series this year started in Tur Langton and took place on a hilly course which started in Thorpe Langton and finished back in Tur Langton.

The event started at 18:30 and riders were set off in 30 second intervals to ensure everyone finished in the daylight. With the HQ in Tur Langton it was an 8-10 minute ride to the start. I started as number 15, riding at off 18:37:30.

Most of the course is up hill, and after analysing it I chose not to ride with the disc wheel and went with a 80mm rear instead. The cassette in this wheel also has a 30-12 gear ratio which should encourage a higher cadence and maintain speed on the tough terrain. I managed to average an NP of 284w with an average of 279w. This was able to take a time of 24:30 exactly. There was a head wind coming back which made the last few miles extremely hard.

Overall, I am pleased with my performance seeing as this was my first Time Trial of the year. However, I do have some areas to work on that I  hope will improve my time when I do the next Time Trial in the series. It was enough to take 6th place overall and I was the 2nd member of Welland Valley CC.

View the course here

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