9th Place At The Bill Jinks Memorial Road Race

On Sunday I took part in the Bill Jinks Memorial Road Race in Corley just outside Coventry. The Race started at 12:00 making it a nice time to travel in the morning and allowed a bit of lie in and some extra sleep.

The Race was held on a 6.2 mile circuit and was 10 laps making the overall race distance just over 65 miles. The course is also usually exposed to the wind, especially on the far side. This makes it an ideal course for forcing splits. Although there were many breaks during the race, the bunch was always willing to pull it back until there was just over two laps to go, where seven riders went clear and were able to make it stick. They quickly pulled up to a minute out, and finished around 30 seconds or so in front of the main field.

During the race

I was able to take 9th place on the line which made it another top 10, a nice day out and a good race to be a part of on an enjoyable course. The weather is also starting to warm up a bit now as spring is on the way!

Finishing in 9th place

View the course here


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