The Frank Morgan Memorial Road Race

Over the Easter weekend whilst staying with Kathryn’s family in Manchester I managed to get over the the Frank Morgan Memorial Road Race being held in Knowlsley. The race was held on the North Mersey Business Centre and the course was very similar to that of the Pimbo Circuit in Skermersdale. The race was 25 laps and with the neutralized lap at the start it was an overall distance of around 62 miles.

From the start of the race riders were trying to make use of the wind whcih the course was exposed to and many splits were formed throughout the bunch early on making it difficult to know who was strong and who was not. I was able to get away in different groups twice but on both occasions was pulled back. I then tried again to bridge across to another but was again pulled back however just before I could bridge over and the race came together again. With 18 laps to go London Dynamo Rider Barnabas Purbrook was able slip away and then stay away for the remainder of the race on his own with an amazing ride. Just as he did the spring weather took a hold and turned into a heavy shower making visibility poor. Two Champion System VCUK Riders were able to make use of this and also got clear with another two making the group four.

With 10 laps to go the weather then cleared up and and another group of four were able to get clear and with three to go two riders were able to break off the front and tried to bridge over. With the bunch sprinting for 12th I took 15th place on the line. I nice result although I was looking to get into one of the breaks, it is still good to take something from the race along with more experience. There was certainly some experienced riders in the race which made it challenging and a very high quality race.

View the course here



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