Last Week Of The Track League

On Tuesday night it was the final evening of the Spring Track League, and the ninth week in total since it begun. The race format was as normal which was, a 20 lap Scratch Race to begin with. After that it was an Elimination Race, Points Race and a final Scratch Race.

Once again it was another good night. I took 6th in the Elimination Race with Phil taking 2nd. James took the last lap in the Points Race. In the last race of the night Phil took the win with Martin 2nd, and James 4th making it a great result for Welland Valley CC.

Simon also maintained his lead in the C Group. Phil currently is still in the top 6 of the B Group. The Track League now takes a break and there is scheduled to be one session each month from May until August with Weekly Sessions scheduled to start again in September. It has been a great 9 weeks and I am looking forward to taking my experiences forward with some more racing on the Track though out the year.


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