NCRA Spring Handicap Series

On Saturday afternoon it was the Second Round of the NCRA Spring Handicap Series being held in Middleton, Northamptonshire. With it being a close and local race I decided to take a steady ride over which took just under an hour beforehand to warm up. It was nice to see everyone there and was a great atmosphere to be a part of.

The first group was set off at 2 o’clock. Afterwards it was 8 minutes until the second group was set off and a further two minutes after to the third group. We were set off a further minute and a half back making a total of almost 12 minutes to the front of the race.

Start of the race waiting to set off

After starting off, the group was 9 strong. We were riding through and off with the aim of catching the groups at the front, ideally on the 3rd lap. This unfortunately did not happen though as we did not make up enough time to catch them. We managed to average 25mph, a good pace for the course. We could see the third group up the road on the long straight into Ashley every lap, and on the last lap it became clear looking at the gap it was not going to be for us on the day.

We rolled into the finish. It was a good training session for us however and a great atmosphere with the event being held at a local venue.

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