Introduction To Redbridge

Last Saturday I traveled down to the Redbridge Cycle Centre in Essex to contest in the Winter Series presented by East London Velo. Although the forecast was not great, I proceeded to travel down with Kathryn and race as planned, combining the trip with seeing friends in London after.

The circuit is famous for it Hogg Hill, with the finish line at the top. There are two circuits that are used, one with the hill and one flat. On this occasion the hilly circuit was used, which on a normal occasion would be great, however the circuit is brutally exposed to the wind and unfortunately I was once again unable to stick with the front getting caught out. The attack went on the first lap, which I was able to go and stay with. The pace stayed hard though with the stronger riders making the most of the conditions and I was unable to get any recovery with the wind. I held in the front group of 10 or 11 riders for as long as possible which offered great training but however left me unable to stick with them as I was above my limit with the wind taking its toll. With the weather the way it was I decided to call it a day and return another time.

With the weather also taking a turn for the worst it was also wise not to continue so I called it a day with the intention of coming back at a better time. There is also a women’s race ran at the same time which sets off just after the men’s race.

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