Another Good Day At Final Round Of The Woolly Mamil

Last Saturday was the Final Round of the Woolly Mamil Series held in Stourport-On-Severn. The weather forecast was not good however once on the start line for the race things looked like they were brightening up with just a strong cross wind across the track. It was also nice to see former club mate Louis Kilworth there who is now riding with Broom Wagon Racing Team.

Woolly Mamil 4 (1)
Myself and Louis at the start before conditions worsened

The race was fast early on with everyone looking to take advantage of the wind. Soon into the race however the weather got a lot worse with gail force winds and heavy rain making it torrential. The size of the main group was reduced heavily as the race went on with the weather only getting worse and towards the end had several smaller groups spread out over the course.

Wolly Mamil Race 4 (2)
High winds during the race
Woolly Mamil Race 4 (3)
Later on in the race the rain became very heavy
Woolly Mamil Race 4 (4)
The weather got extremely bad during the second half of the race

The race was eventually won solo by Adam Lewis of Team NHT Cycling Team. I was able to finish in 10th place, which was an excellent result to finish the series on, especially considering the conditions on the final day. It certainly has been a great 4 weeks and hopefully I will be back here again. I am now looking forward to what is ahead.

The full results can be found here on VeloUK.




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