Two Top 3’s At The Track

It was another week of the Track League at Derby and I was once again looking forward to it. Leaving a little earlier to accommodate for the extra traffic for Derby County playing at home, we arrived at 5:30 leaving plenty of time to spare before the 7 start.

Simon was the first WVCC Rider racing in the C’s and started by taking 1st place in the scratch race. He also went later in on the night to take 3rd in the points race, 1st in the elimination race and 1st in the last scratch race of the night.

This week James, Martin and myself rode the B’s, and the first race of the night for us was a 25 lap scratch race. Martin managed to take 2nd with James taking 6th. The Elimination Race was next however none of us were able to progress through to the top 6. Next up was the points race. I had a great performance to finish in 3rd which was very pleasing. Martin took 6th place. The last race of the night was a 30 lap scratch race. Martin took 2nd to Alfie Jollands. I took 3rd place behind them making it another great race.

Its been another great week at the track and hopefully it can continue. We were the last race of the night, leaving at around 10:30 meaning we missed the traffic from the Derby County match on the way out.

First 25 Lap Scratch Race
Elimination Race
Elimination Race




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