Another Good Week At The Track League

This week was the 2nd installment of the Derby Track League for 2016. From Welland Valley CC, Myself, James Moore, Simon Hopkins, Phil Rayner and Martin Webster all contested.

Myself, Phil and Martin were riding in the B’s. James and Simon in the C’s. Both Phil and James were also the league leaders of both groups. The racing on the night was, 25 lap scratch race, elimination, points race and 40 lap scratch race.

The night started with Phil taking a place in the top 6 in the first B race which was the 25 lap scratch race. Then after James and Simon took first and second in the C’s. For the B’s it was the elimination race next with Phil taking the win. James and Simon once again took first and second in the C race.

James and Simon in action before taking 1st and 2nd

The points race was then next, this was a 30 lap race with points on every 5th lap. With 10 laps to go I was able to build a gap on my own where I stayed away to take the sprint lap with 5 to go. I was then joined by another rider and with 2 laps to go we were joined by other riders however I was able to hang in with them until the finish line to pick up enough points to finish 4th overall. Meanwhile James and Simon contested an unknown distance race, once again taking 1st and 2nd.

I managed to build a gap in the points race from 10 laps to go for 6 laps whilst taking 4th overall in the race


It was then a 40 lap scratch race to finish. We did not manage to get a place however it was still good fun and also a great session to finish the night off. Great riding by James and Simon in the C points race which was their last race of the night ensured they took 1st and 3rd. I was very pleased with how I things went on the night and came away very happy!

Myself, Phil, James, Simon and Martin


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