Derby Track League

Last night I attended and competed in the Track League at Derby Arena for the first time. 4 Categories were racing on the night which were; Group D (Womens), Group C (with James and Simon), Group B (Phil and myself) and Group A. Having entered Group C I was contacted and informed it was full and offered a ride in Group B which I took and meant I was expecting a very hard first session.

All groups were allowed onto the Track for a 5 minute warm up before the racing started. Then once the night began, the group races were started from Group D through to Group A. James and Simon raced first taking 1st and 2nd place between them which was a great result for their first Track Race.

After the Group C race the B’s were out for the same 25 lap scratch race. The pace was around 29-30mph making it fast. I managed to get myself in a good position to finish in 6th place. Phil got himself in the top 5 making it another good result for the club.

The next two races were a points race and an elimination race and were very enjoyable. Phil managed take 2nd in the points race after getting into a break with Ian Cooper of Team Jewson after 20 laps, and then went on to take 3rd place in the elimination. Simon took 6th place in the C’s points race.

The last race of the night was an 8 lap dash. In the C’s James took 2nd and Simon took 3rd. After the finish there was unfortunately a crash which brought down several riders and damaged the track. This meant the night came to and end as it could have been unsafe to ride.


I am very pleased with my first Track League. Very enjoyable night and I am looking forward to the next one!!


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