Derby Track Structured Quality Training

So after becoming an Accredited Track Rider at Derby Arena I have know managed to get a number Structured Quality Training Sessions in to gain some Track time ready for the league to start.

I can honestly say I have found them great sessions. There are many abilities there and the group will usually be split into two with the steadier group riding the black line and the faster group riding on the blue line simultaneously. The sessions start with an approximately 10 mile warm up which is a chain gang with riders changing every full to half lap. After this there is usually an interval session which follows. This week we were set off in a group at recovery pace and once on the front it was 1 flying 200m after the start/finish line, once back into the back of the group, we then waited our turn for a kilo effort. This was then followed by a 500m effort followed then at the end by another flying 200m, all with recovery in between.

Once the intervals were over there was a drinks break, then followed by another chain gang. Once again there are two groups. The group on the black line completed 50 laps in total, where in the last four laps it becomes a scratch race. Once this was finished the group on the blue line then moves down to the black line, where the chain gang then also becomes a race for which the number of laps are unknown until it is displayed on the lap board. This week 24 laps were displayed. I was able to hang in with around 9 laps remaining by which time the group was significantly reduced. By the end only 2 riders were contesting to finish.

The total time of the session was 2 hours. I found it very enjoyable and it will be something I will be using a lot for training and gain some speed for the road.


Derby Track SQT
Myself and James pictured during the chain gang at the end

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