Surrey Ottershaw Road Race Series 3

Last Sunday was the last Race of the 3 part Surrey Ottershaw Series hosted by Twickenham CC. It was also the last race on the road for 2015. The Race once again held on the Kitesmead Lane Circuit, and after 10 laps, transferred over to the Staple Hill Circuit for another 10 laps.

The race was fast from the off with nothing allowed to stick through the first half of the race. With 7 laps then remaining the break was forced at the top of Staple Hill with the road heading into the wind, with splits caused throughout the bunch with 3 groups forming. The second group was then caught leaving one front group which was able to go clear, and stay away till the end of the race.

With a total of 6 riders up the road the bunch were competing for 7th place at the finish line. I was able to finish in 10th place making it a nice end to the 2015 season. The race was won by James Lowden of Neon Velo Cycling Team with Lewis Atkins taking victory of the overall series.

I am pleased to say I have finished the year on 148 BC points, ranking 2nd in the East Midlands behind Carl Dyson making it a very good year overall. I am looking forward to a rest and enjoying my riding over the next few months.

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View the course on Strava here

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