An Introduction To Track Cycling

I am pleased to say last Friday night I traveled up to Derby Arena to take Stage 1 of 4 of the accreditation process which is needed to ride and race on the track. Not only did I pass this, I was able to book a slot onto the Stage 2 session taking place straight after, spending just over 2 hours in total on the track. I am pleased to get this far already and I am looking forward to taking part in Stage 3 in a couple of weeks time.


To get me started I was able to hire a bike which was included in the cost of the session. Shoes were also available however with the hire bikes fitted with Look Keo Pedals, I was able to use my own shoes for th
e night.

The session started with a brief talk before hand explaining fix
ed wheel bikes and some rules of the track. Also explained was the meaning of the black, red, and blue lines marked on the boards. After this we were on the bikes and riding different sides of the track on the straights, using cones as markings to get used to the 13 degree slope. Then session then finished just before 8 o’clock with a talk letting everyone know how we got on.

During stage 2, once again a talk was provided about the session before we started. However this time much more time was spent on the
bikes. We were asked to ride various lines including

Derby Track Stage 1&2
Myself on a hired Moda

riding up the banking, riding in a group with changes on the front, and riding in pairs, both riding side by side, and in front of one another, changing when asked. It was a much more involved session, and I very much enjoyed it. The session then finished at 9 o’clock with a talk revising what we did during the ride and letting us know how we got on. I am please to say that I managed to get through OK. I am looking forward to continuing with the next step of the accreditation.

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