Circuit Of The Fens

Yesterday I traveled to Benwick near Peterborough to take part in the Circuit Of The Fens 2/3 Race. Almost completely flat, it would be a day decided by the wind and weather. Just as we took to the start line, the rain that was forecast started to come down. While a few attacks were made early on in the race, nothing was able to stay away until after halfway through the race. After around 45 miles One attack was made which was able to split the bunch in the wind.

With the race then on the weather became more difficult making it very tough. Unfortunately for me just after this point I was unlucky and got a puncture, which was on a narrow road and with the support vehicle caught up behind an ambulance further back down the road.

By the time the support vehicle was able to get to me I was waiting for around 3 minutes, making it a big ask to get back in. After having some help from the support vehicle for half a lap, it was then down to me to try and get back in, after another lap of the race I then decided it was best to call it a day, and finished with 2 laps to go and around 6 minutes behind.

Although a disappointing day, confidence can be taken from it with how I felt during the race, and I was very much enjoying myself despite the weather. Congratulations to James Moore who finished 3rd, and Ollie Taylor taking 9th from the front group.

View the course on Strava here

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