Welland Valley CC Evening 10M TT Series

Last night I rode the Evening 10 Mile Series put on by Welland Valley CC, where the venue has now moved to Kibworth, which is the fastest local circuit for 10 miles. The recent heatwave ensured it was a hot night with temperatures of 79 F (26 C).

On the way to the TT, I headed out round my usual circuit and did 20 minutes at 90% of my hour threshold power. Once complete I then headed straight over to the TT. On arrival I was told it would be a head wind heading out from the start, which means it is likely to be a slower night due to the shorter return leg when returning from the roundabout at the bottom of the course. Although this was a factor, the heat more or less got to a lot of people, with slower times throughout the field.

From setting off myself, I found it hard all the way round. I can honestly say I really did nearly get off the bike, and struggled all the way through. I managed to average 240w with a NP of 259w and a heart rate avg . I was amazed (and relieved) to see that I still had manged to post a 22:35, which is still a fast time.

On arrival back to the HQ, others were also saying how hard it was, with most saying they all went slower. Although not my best 10 performance, I am still very pleased that even when it gets really tough I could still managed a more than good time. Well done once again to the winner James Garrett. A full report can be foundย here

View the course on Strava here

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