Rockingham Series

This Thursday evening I traveled with Kathryn over to the Rockingham Race Circuit to contest in the NCRA mid week 2/3/4 Handicap Race Series. This is a series I competed in fairly regularly last year and would be my first trip this year.

Being a handicap race, the riders are set off at separate times depending on their category. The 4th Cats will set off first. Then then the 3rd Cats, and last the 2nd Cats. There are 3 minutes between each category setting off, giving the 4th Cats a 6 minute advantage over the 2nd Cats. With myself being a 2nd Cat, I was in the last group of around 20 riders.

The race worked out very well, with all the groups coming together on the last lap. A group of 4 riders managed to break off from our group with about 20 minutes to go, however they were unable to to advance further than the front group, and were caught on the last lap and the race came down to a bunch sprint.

It was a close finish and I managed to get 9th place. Another good mid week result.

View the course on Strava here


Riding over the finish in 9th Place

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