Rhino Road Race

On Sunday I made the short trip to Middleton for the Rhino 2/3/4 Road Race. 6 1/4 laps of a 9 mile circuit around Great Eastern and including the Devil’s Staircase made it a tough race. The weather wasn’t fantastic but was bearable after Scotland! After a failed attack on the first lap, James Moore attacked again and went away with 4 riders who we never saw again. Later in the race another team mate, Jonny Unwin, attacked and managed to bridge across with 3 other riders making the breakaway a total of 9 riders. With James and Jonny in the break I was unable to chase myself and so stayed in the main bunch. I managed to get to the front of the main brunch sprint earning myself 12th place.

I was very pleased to get more points on the board following last weekends disappointment. Congratulations to James and Jonny who came 3rd and 9th respectively.

Rhino Road Race

View the course on Strava here

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