Comienzo Del Verano

This weekend was meant to be the Comienzo Del Verano stage race which was created after the Fin Del Verano stage race last year. Owing to unfortunate circumstances only the races on Saturday took place. The first stage was a team time trial over 4.5 miles which I did with Phil Rayner and James Moore. A difficult performance meant placing overall was going to be a challenge. Last weekend was catching up with me!

View Stage 1 on Strava here

There was a four hour gap between races meaning I could catch a bit of shut eye and recuperate from the morning’s time trial. The second stage was a road race over 42 miles which included a beautiful view of Belvoir Castle. This race was an improvement compared to the morning’s race and I think I came 16th. I was pleased with my recovery in between races.

View Stage 2 on Strava here

However, fatigue has been creeping up on me and I’m learning the value of rest days. I hoping in next Sunday’s race I will feel stronger.

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