Bill Jinks Memorial Race

Yesterday I took part in the Bill Jinks Memorial Race in Corley. It was nice to be racing in the sunshine for the first time this year and with James Moore. The race was 10 laps of 6 mile circuit with a short climb at the end of each lap. The first two laps were fast paced and 3 riders eventually managed to get away from the main group and this became 4 by the end of lap 4. The bunch stayed together until the 8th lap where there were many attempts to get away in which no one succeeded myself included. I felt that the end of the race was going to come down to a bunch sprint but unfortunately I was wrong and in fact there was a split on the last lap where a large group of riders managed to pull a gap out and took all the main places. Myself and James were 2nd and 3rd in group two meaning we missed out on places. Even though the ending wasn’t ideal I still enjoyed the race. I’m looking forward to the stage races in the next two weekends! Hopefully I’ll pick up some points!

Bill Jinks 2


View the course on Strava here

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