The Early Season Race Analysis

So we are at the end of March, and well into the start of the new season, and it is time to have a look at the data and see how everything is going.

Kings Cliffe Flyer 2UP TT:

Normalized Power = 328w

Average Power = 304w

Time = 27:55

Race Distance = 12 Miles

Position = 1

After feeling – Totally spent.

Conclusion – I feel like this is a good start to the year! The Normalized Power is pretty high, but the fact that is there is a great sign. By the time I got to the finish I was completely spent and I’m glad I had Phil to push me along in this race.

WVCC Hardrider 1:

Normalized Power = 306w

Average Power = 286w

Average Heart Rate = 176bpm

Time = 24:35

Race distance = 9 Miles

Position = 3

After feeling – Very Tired

Conclusion – This time trial requires experience to ride correctly as it barely a flat section on the course. I also learnt that I need to ensure the bike is set up properly before setting out.

Kettering Hilly TT:

Normalized Power = 297w

Average Power = 285w

Average Heart Rate = 178bpm

Time = 48:52

Race Distance 20 Miles

Position = 8

After feeling – A good solid effort and I felt good towards the end.

Conclusion – My time of 48:52 shows over a minute improvement from the 50:02 which I posted the year before. This year I gained 12w in power, lowered my heart rate by 10bpm and I am lighter in weight this year. I am pretty pleased with this time trial and the improvements from last year.

Roy Thame Cup:

Normalized Power = 239w

Average Power = 232w

Average Heart Rate = 169bpm

Race Duration = 3:06:28

Race Distance = 77 Miles

Position = 24

After feeling – Able to finish fairly strong but a little dehydrated at the end.

Conclusion – This race gave me a fairly good indicator that things are going well so far and that maybe I could have worked a little harder. I learnt that I need to drink more, and be little less conservative during the race.

WVCC Hardrider 2:

Normalized Power = 314w

Average Power = 291w

Average Heart Rate = 177bpm

Time = 21:06

Race Distance = 8.5 Miles

Position = 2

After feeling – A hard race with a little more left at the end.

Conclusion – I think that this would go down as one of the best performances of the year so far! Good progress is being made and I am very pleased with my performance. A much better ride, and I felt a lot more comfortable on the bike.

WVCC Hardrider 2nd Round
Welland Valley CC Hardrider Round 2

EMRRL Derby Mercury Road Race:

Normalized Power = 278w

Average Power = 248w

Average Heart Rate = 164bpm

Race Duration = 2:04:58

Race Distance = 51 Miles.

Position = 9

After feeling – Spent with heavy legs.

Conclusion – Overall, a good performance in a very competitive race. I felt that I did not have the legs to go with the break however, I still had enough at the end to sprint to 9th place at the top of the finishing climb. A pleasing result and nice to get points on the board!!

Darley Moor Circuit Races:

Normalized Power = 293w

Average Power = 284w

Average Heart Rate = 171bpm

Race Duration = 1:13:59

Race Distance = 30 Miles (28.5 – 1 Lap)

Position = Not classified

After feeling – Very tired legs, and gutted.

Conclusion – ย At the end of the race I was gutted having not been able to keep up with the group and I was worried that I had underperformed. However, when I analysed the race I realised that things weren’t so bad. I was able to stay with the front group for just over 35 minutes, during which I had an Normalized Power of 314w. This is currently above what I can hold for this period showing improvement. To put it into perspective, this is over 4.7 w/kg! I’ve learnt not to jump to conclusions but I definitely don’t want to have a race like this one again.


Normalized Power = 264w

Average Power = 261w

Average Heart Rate = 163bpm

Time = 1:00:32

Race Distance = 25 Miles

Position = 11

After feeling – Very cold and wet.

Conclusion – Unfortunately, this race will go down as one in which I just wanted to get to the end. Heavy rain and cold conditions (around 7-8 degrees) all the way round made this ride a pretty horrible experience. After speaking with others after it would say everybody was affected in some way. It will be difficult to beat such terrible conditions!

A Last Note:

Overall, I feel am in a much better position than I was last year which is very pleasing. I had 2 goals in mind before April which were the WVCC Hardrider Time Trial Trophy, and getting some BC points on the board. Both of which have managed to achieve. If any lessons are to be learnt from this period, it is to stay on track, and don’t push myself to much, and don’t get too greedy with my goals. Things will come, but not all at once.

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