End Of Winter Training!

Week 14 started with a 2 x 20mins session with Phil Rayner on the Tuesday. The ride on Wednesday was focused on sprint work with 40mins of threshold and a short VO2 max effort at the end. A breakthrough session happened on Thursday whilst doing 40mins of threshold. Saturday’s ride was a long 4 hours of easy riding to Ouandle and back. A 2UP time trial in Southwick on Sunday with Phil was a great end to the week.

Tuesday’s session of week 15 was an easy recovery ride following the time trial at the weekend. Further threshold work was done on Wednesday with two VO2 max efforts at the end. On Thursday Phil and I did an hour of sweet spot in preparation for a weekend of time trials!!

40mins of sweet spot with Phil was the aim of the session on Tuesday of week 16. Wednesday’s session was an easy ride in order to recover from the weekend. Thursday’s ride was a copy of last weeks with an hour of sweet spot being done with Phil. I was back in Cheshire at the weekend and enjoyed two rides in the area. Saturday’s ride was 4 hours long and involved some efforts up Swiss Hill in Alderley Edge as well as riding out to Buxton and back. Definitely one of my favourite rides of the year so far! On Sunday I went out and found a new loop in Ollerton where I did 40mins of threshold work.

I started the final week of winter training with 62mins of sweet spot work on the Tuesday. 2 x 20mins of threshold work with 3 VO2 max efforts to finish made up Wednesday’s session. On Friday I did 40 mins of low end tempo sweet spot in preparation for Saturday’s race.

I feel that winter training has given me a good backing for the season ahead!!

Swiss Hill

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