Spring Is Coming!

Week 12 and this year’s winter training is nearly over! Tuesday’s ride with Phil Rayner was a recovery effort following the reliability race on Sunday. Sprint work made up Wednesday’s session and involved 10 sets of 20 seconds anaerobic sprints with 3-4 minutes recovery in between followed by 40 minutes of sweet spot. Thursday’s session was a usual ride of sweet spot work this time Phil and I did a full 60 minutes. I was due a FTP test, so on Saturday morning I headed out hoping that I would have improved from the last one. Thankfully the results showed my NP as 295W, a 5W increase from last time! Phil and I went out hard on Sunday and I definitely felt it for the following days after. 3 laps of ascending intensity in the sweet spot zone which lasted over 90 minutes!

Tuesday’s ride of week 13 was an endurance session as I was still tired from the ride on Sunday. On Wednesday I did 40 minutes of sweet spot with 3 x 2 minutes of VO2 max during the effort. 2 x 20 minutes of threshold with Phil was Thursday’s ride and it was another hard session!! On Friday morning I did some more sprint efforts which consisted of 10 x 20 seconds of anaerobic sprints ready for the rest weekend. A 30 minute roller session at recovery pace was done on Sunday afternoon to keep the legs in check!!

First time trial of the season next weekend and I am READY!

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