My Fitness Pal

Before I had started training this winter I was told by my girlfriend Kathryn it would be a good idea to download the app myfitnesspal. She thought there was a good chance I was running at a calorie deficit, which later we proved to be true. I was eating the right sort of foods but not enough of them.

Since downloading the app I have found it much easier to keep track of my nutrition, with so much less guess work! I have also found it very simple to use with the bar code scanner which can instantly say how many calories are in each food, or ingredient. I now also have a much better understanding of food, for instance white potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates per calorie, however there are only around 70-80 calories per 100g, meaning a large volume would be needed to re-fuel after exercise. Especially a longer ride, which can burn up to 2000-3000 calories at a time, this on top of the daily allowance needed to fuel and repair the body adds up to a lot of calories!!!

Many people who are dieting or take an interest in healthy eating are already using the app, but for people like me who had not heard of it, it has been an interesting discovery!


You can access it here:


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