The Snow Has Arrived

I can’t believe it’s already week 10! On Tuesday’s ride Phil and I reached the golden 60 mins of sweet spot, showing a good aerobic improvement. Wednesday was a combination of sweet spot and VO2 max intervals. A threshold session of 4 x 10 minutes with Phil ended the midweek training. A 80%-20% was accomplished over 4 laps of the usual circuit. Sunday was the Welland Valley CC reliability ride which was an enjoyable session for the end of the week.

A discussion with Phil saw Week 11’s Tuesday sweet spot session to be 40 minutes following a hard Sunday session over 70 miles. Wednesday’s stint was sprint work over 2 laps of the usual circuit, it was a really hard exercise which showed me that I need more work on this area. Thursday was snow hit meaning a session on the rollers was in order, 4 x 10 minutes was only just managed!! A nice endurance ride on Saturday was completed with a few sprints thrown in ready for the long Ratae Reliability ride the next day.

Gilmortan-Ashby Sign

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