A Sweet Start To The Year

Week 8 started with an endurance ride out with Phil Rayner, a nice return after a rest. Wednesday’s session was 30 minutes of sweet spot with a NP of 251W a pleasing result considering I’m only just getting back from illness. Another sweet spot ride was done on Thursday morning and a similar NP was seen over 40 minutes. Saturday’s cycle was a 3 hour 80%-20% session, it was hard but I felt really good when I got back. A ride to Rutland with Matt Barrett was done on Sunday. A standard stop at the windmill cafe was in order! Considering I’d had a 5 day rest the week before I was feeling pretty good, the only struggle was mentally getting back into the routine. 

Tuesday’s ride with Phil Rayner started week 9 off. 50 minutes of sweet spot gave a NP of 262W showing I was improving. Wednesday’s ride was a 34 minutes sweet spot effort with staggered 2 minute VO2 max efforts throughout the ride. Thursday’s 55 minutes of sweet spot ride with Phil Rayner produced a NP of 266W. Saturday’s icy conditions meant I didn’t end up going on the usual club ride instead I went on an endurance ride with Phil Rayner later in the day. The session involved increasing the pace every time we went round the circuit but always staying in zone 3. A 3 and a half hour endurance ride with Phil Rayner and James Moore on Sunday was a nice way to end the week. 

It’s good to be back into the routine of training. 

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