The Christmas Period

Week 6 started with a test on Monday with a nominal power output of 290W!!!! Definitely showing improvement over the winter period, so I’m very happy with how my training is going. The next day consisted of a sweet spot workout for 52mins around the usual circuit. Unfortunately, Wednesday session of a mixture of sweet spot and VO2 max was incomplete, this is probably due to fatigue having had such a busy couple of days. Luckily, the session wasn’t a complete loss as I ended up meeting Chris Osment and having a casual ride home. On Boxing Day there was Welland Valley Boxing Day 10 race, where clocked 23.16 minutes over 10 miles on the time trial bike. A good time for December and the day after Christmas celebrations!! 

For the Saturday of week 7 I did a 3 hour 20-80% session compiling of 80% endurance and 20% VO2 max. It’s the first one of this type of session I’ve done before and proved to be a big success. Earning a total of 196 TSS points, so I will be definitely be doing a session like this again. Sundays ride with Matt Barrett ended up being 3 hours at 233W therefore turning it into a tempo ride, which collected 220 TSS points. Monday’s session was meant to be an easy long ride however it turned into a very long one where I found myself riding to Oundle (a long way off from where I should have been!). A desperate stop at subway on the way home was needed!! The ride on Tuesday was surprisingly successful, 55 minutes of sweet spot work. However, when I got home I did not feel too good, a combination of a cold and too much work. Wednesday and Thursday were written off with illness and an attempt on Friday was too soon and resulted in failure. 

Lesson learnt allow myself to heal properly before getting back on the bike!

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