Cheshire and Big Dog Velo

Last weekend I headed to Cheshire, with my girlfriend Kathryn. Whilst there I completed 2 rides on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Through coincidence, Phil happened to be around in Cheshire that weekend visiting family, which provided a good opportunity for him to show me around. The first ride on Saturday morning, was a ride which started with a wet climb up Swiss hill in Alderley Edge, and a ride up the famous Dumbers Climb in the Peak District. The ride went on to Buxton where from then on we road back to Stockport via Disley. It was a 232 TSS points 48.2 mile ride with an average NP of 231W, total elevation gain was 3638ft, all in all it was a good ride!! 

The next day I rode with Big Dogs Velo organised by Phil. We went out towards Knutsford and Tatton Hall, it was nice to be around different riders and have a change of scenery. The ride was just what I needed, 2 and a half hours of average NP of 189 over 41.7 miles and a TSS of 125 points. I can see why the riders up north are not soft! 

This was all good preparation for a test on Monday!

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