Winter Training Update

Winter training is continuing to show improvement…

Week 3 of training started with a club ride on Saturday to the usual chain gang spot in Church Langton and a trip to the Windmill cafe in Rutland with the club on Sunday. Two very good long endurance rides in Zone 2. Tuesday’s ride with Phil was meant to be 42 minutes of sweetspot training but ended up being more like threshold training as the power output was 272W at nominal power. I did a hard 25 mins of sweet spot training with 3 VO2 max efforts on Wednesday. Another threshold session was performed on Thursday and I saw a power output of 286W! The week ended on a high!!

The usual club rides at the weekend with James, Phil and the rest were a good start to week 4 of training. Tuesday’s ride with Phil was slightly different due to kit fitting later that evening, we rode out to the Naseby circuit for 45mins of  (actual!) sweet spot training. Wednesday saw a blend of sweet spot training and VO2 max efforts. 30 minutes threshold of training with Phil on Thursday meant that I definitely felt the need for rest!!

For the start of week 5 I had a weekend rest as my legs were feeling pretty tired! Tuesday’s session with Phil was one of the best I’ve ever done, 50 minutes of sweet spot training at 256W and I didn’t feel tired afterwards. Things are getting better. On Wednesday, I did a quiet session of sweet spot training and VO2 max efforts.  Thursday’s session with Phil was 3 x 10 minutes of high end threshold, the session was a good indicator of what to aim for during the test next Monday.

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