Planning Ahead

I just thought I would make a quick note on something I thought of today.

I am due to do an FTP test, and I have been thinking to myself where I can fit this in to the programme, as I am coming to the end of my first build period.With the Boxing Day Club 10 coming up, that would be an opportunity to do it.Last season I did use racing on my time trial bike for these tests. However this year I have decided to take a different approach this year for two reasons

  • The first would be that generally power outputs differ very slightly from a time trial bike to a road bike. The different positions mean that riding one bike more than the other can cause this. In my case the majority of my riding and training is all done on the road bike. So it only makes sense to do the test on my road bike.
  • The second would be the psychological effect racing has on the mind and performance. Generally power output is always slightly higher in a race. This is because that I would find myself more motivated than usual for occasion knowing itโ€™s a competition rather than an ordinary training session.

All this means in the coming year I shall not be using power outputs from races, and only take a figure achieved in training, as I do not want to set power zones for training in that are inaccurate or based on a best performance.I have scheduled my test just before the Boxing Day 10, with the race to be used as a training session.

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