So Far So Good….

Two weeks into training and everything is going well.

The first week saw a long ride into Rutland, a club group ride, and some great sweet spot (tempo) work with a very good threshold workout.

On the Sunday I rode 75miles with Matt Barrett to the Windmill Cafe and into Rutland, having done an excellent 3 hour endurance pace group ride the previous day. The Rutland ride gave an average nominal power of 217W showing a first-rate aerobic endurance ride and a good level of base fitness. This is a promising start for next year’s build of fitness.

With a day off Monday and another two good sweet spot workouts on both Tuesday and Wednesday I felt I was recovering well from the Rutland Ride. A threshold workout with Phil Rayner was then pencilled in for Thursday in order to start to building on the fitness for next year. The threshold workout at 20 minutes was 272W and I was feeling relatively good. This suggests that there is already an improvement on the test from only one week ago!

Week two started with two long rides over the weekend and Tuesday’s session was a solid sub-threshold 40 minutes at sweet spot with Phil. I saw an average of 259W so my legs were pretty shot after! There was more sweet spot work on Wednesday and the aim of Thursday’s ride was to develop on last week’s 20 minute threshold workout this time aiming for 25 minutes. The ride produced an average of 273W meaning I had further improved over a longer period of time.

So far so good!

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