An Intro

My first post and a bit of an introduction…….

I decided to create this blog to share my experiences of cycling after being a little inspired by somebody who has done a very similar thing. It is something which I have found very useful to refer to for my own training and I am sure will be referring to again at some points throughout my own posts.

This is very much a blog about cycling, racing, trying to get the most out of it, and myself, which hopefully will make an interesting read for everyone. I will be writing about what mistakes I have made, and the ones I will be making. The training, racing, cold nights, success, goals and setbacks will also be included but, most importantly I want to share the experiences which will hopefully help others in cycling or in any other sport where it could be put to use. Although I have only been cycling a couple of years now, which is not certainly not as long as many others, there are many things which I have picked up, especially this year, which I think are worth mentioning and writing about.

Safe riding….

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